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Beaver Damage

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Beaver Damage

      Several LHLA members have lost trees to a family of beavers who appear to have their home in the Frog Pond at the north end of the lake, but have been foraging on property all over the lakeshore.  While individual home-owners are responsible for getting rid of these pesky critters, the Board is helping out.  

     The options are these:  (A) Homeowners can get a free  "Nuisance Permit" from the DNR and hire a trapper to eliminate beavers.  But a permit is required from each household involved. (B) Homeowners can wait until November 1 the beaver trapping is in season, and then hire a licensed trapper jointly to do the work. A permission slip will be needed from each property owner involved.Mark Smith attempted to get permission slips from the Frog Pond property owners, but it involves a large group, not all of whom could be readily reached. So it will require trapping at other sites around the lake.  Mark is trying to get the complete list of properties involved so he can put the interested folks in touch with a licensed trapper by the start of the season on 11/1.

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